Sajjad Ahmed Niloy

Programmer | ML & Data Science Professional | Math Enthusiast

About me

I'm Sajjad Ahmed Niloy, a data science professional with a background in software engineering. Presently, I'm working as a Data Scientist at Axiata Analytics. I've completed bachelor's degree in Computer Science and presently I'm pursuing Masters in Computer Science at BRAC University.

I have expertise in developing and deploying large scale Machine Learning models. In addition to that, data visualization is one of the areas that I always enjoy exploring. I love to play with algorithms as well. You can find some of my experiments at In terms of software development, my primary programming languages are Java and Python. I have working experience in Android, Spring and Django framework.

Along with industry involvement, I try to engage in different research work. My research interest is mainly focused on Machine Learning(ML) and Quantum Computing(QC). In addition to that, I work in different applied domains of Machine Learning such as Brain-Computer Interfacing(BCI), Natural Language Processing(NLP), Computer Vision and so on.

End of the day, as a human being, I always try to do something good for humans. It's something which I try to reflect through my work. That's pretty much about me. Thank you for visiting this site.